GDPR Documentation Tool Kit


Accelerate your GDPR compliance implementation project with the market-leading EU GDPR Documentation Toolkit used by hundreds of organisations worldwide, now with significant improvements and new content for summer 2017


GDPR accountability

The introduction of the accountability principle under the GDPR means that not only do organisations have to comply with the GDPR but they also have to be able to demonstrate compliance. This includes keeping up-to-date records of processing activities, and sharing these records with data protection authorities upon request.

With this toolkit, you can:

  • Get professional guidance on GDPR compliance obligations and personal information best practices;
  • Make sure that you have adequately identified risks to personal data and are able to put in place the necessary controls in order to protect your data;
  • Integrate GDPR documentation with your ISO 27001 documentation, reducing duplication.Toolkit Content:
    1) GDPR Overview
    a) GDPR – Quick Check
    b) GDPR Inspections checklist
    c) GDPR – What’s changed
    d) GDPR Consent – Overview
    e) Personal Data Breach and Notification – Overview
    f) Reporting Internal Information Security Weaknesses –Guidelines

    2) Security Incident Management Plan
    a) Security Incident Management Plan

    3) Policies
    a) Access Control Policy
    b) Clean Desk Policy
    c) Digital Records Preservation Policy
    d) Encryption Policy
    e) Fair Processing Policy
    f) Information Backup and Restore Policy
    g) Information Classification and Handling Policy
    h) Record Disposal Policy
    i) Security Awareness Training Policy

    4) Procedures
    a) Consent Procedure
    b) Data Protection – Storage Media Handling Procedures
    c) Disposal of IT Equipment Procedure
    d) Document and Record Control Procedure
    e) Gap Analysis Procedure
    f) Internal Audit Procedure
    g) Retention of Records Procedure
    h) Subject Access Request Procedure

    5) List of Data Protection Authorities in Europe
    a) List of Data Protection Authorities in Europe

    6) Security Awareness Training
    a) Security Awareness Training (Option extra)

    7) Forms
    a) Asset Register
    b) Authorization for consent to data collection and processing of a minor
    c) Backup Media Log
    d) Consent Request (Samples)
    e) Data protection breach record
    f) Data removal request form
    g) Disposal Log
    h) Initial board meeting minutes
    i) Internal Audit Schedule
    j) Meeting Minutes
    k) Second board meeting minutes
    l) Register of Applicable Legislation
    m) Subject Access Request Form
    n) Subject Access Request Tracking Sheet
    o) Training Internal Evaluation Form
    p) User Deletion Request from

    8) Templates
    a) Work Instruction Template
    b) Gap Analysis Template
    c) Date Protection Officer – Job Description

The EU GDPR Documentation Toolkit is the market-leading toolkit and will help fast track GDPR compliance.


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