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Motivations behind an attack

The motives behind Social Engineer’s attacks vary massively. There are the odd good ones who have turned their lives around and now offer constructive services to companies, so their work force can build up an awareness and combat these attacks,…

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Why are Social Engineers successful?

To fully understand how to protect oneself from Social Engineering attacks, it is important to understand which human traits Social Engineers exploit to gain passage to the desired target. One of the greatest tool in the arsenal of a Social…

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Social Engineering ‘Exploitation Techniques’

Social Engineering is a continuous and ongoing threat. If executed well, against those unprepared to combat this contest, the perpetrator can get access to what ever they had set their eyes on, with minimal effort. For this reason, it is important…

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Social Engineering ‘Prevention Techniques’

Social Engineers have the potential to cause some serious damage to their victims, which could be social, economical or reputational. It is now important more than ever to understand what precautions can be undertaken to prevent, alleviate and contain the…

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