Fending off the Cyber Risks with Smart Security Solutions

Fending off the Cyber Risks with Smart Security Solutions The digital world of today is where the global citizens reside. Everything from sharable to confidential information about individuals are logged in secure cyber archives and saved for preservation and documentation every day. While some of these data is accessible to one and all, others are … Read more

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Social Engineering ‘Exploitation Techniques’

Social Engineering is a continuous and ongoing threat. If executed well, against those unprepared to combat this contest, the perpetrator can get access to what ever they had set their eyes on, with minimal effort. For this reason, it is important to understand possible routes which are normally used by Social Engineers to trap people. Being … Read more

Social Engineering ‘Prevention Techniques’

Social Engineers have the potential to cause some serious damage to their victims, which could be social, economical or reputational. It is now important more than ever to understand what precautions can be undertaken to prevent, alleviate and contain the devastation that can potentially be caused as a result of a Social Engineering attack. The … Read more